Canadian Heart Research Centre

The Canadian Heart Research Centre (CHRC) is an academic research and physician education organization. CHRC specializes in the design, conduct and management of clinical trials, quality enhancement research initiatives (implementation science) and innovative physician educational programs to narrow the care gap and treatment inertia, improve physicians’ adherence to clinical practice guideline recommendations in the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases and their risk factors in North America.

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 Recent CHRC Publications

  • 1, Langer, et al. Is treatment inertia unique to publicly funded healthcare? Insights from the Guidelines Oriented Approach to Lipid Lowering (GOAL) Canada Program. J Clinical Cardiology and Cardiovascular Interventions 4(7); Doi:10.31579/2641-0419/154.
  • 2, Langer A, et al. Does management of lipid lowering differ between specialists and primary care: Insights from GOAL Canada. Int J Clin Pract 2020;00:e13861.
  •  3, Lee, et al. Association Between Patient and Physician Sex and Physician-Estimated Stroke and Bleeding Risks in AtrialAssociation between patient and physician sex and physician-estimated stroke and bleeding risks in atrial fibrillation. Can J Cardiol 2019;35:160-168.
  • 4, Leiter, et al. Glycated hemoglobin level goal achievement in adults with type 2 diabetes in Canada: Still room for improvement. Can J Diabetes 2019;43(6):384-391.